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For over a decade, this base has housed U.S. soldiers rotating through Afghanistan.
The truth about the Nordic economies.
Do you have the next big story? Share it with our journalists.
We asked young women photographers to show us what 18-year-old girlhood looks like in their communities. Then we asked you. Here’s what Gloria Steinem, Hillary Clinton and other readers had to say.
Mr. Sayoc styled himself as a bodybuilder and an entrepreneur in South Florida. But court records and people who knew him recalled him differently.
The Beastie Boys wrote a book. Silicon Valley parents say no to screen time. The creator of green-bean casserole is dead. And more.
You don’t need any special equipment to get falling-off-the-bone meat. Here’s how Alison Roman does it.
Infield defensive shifts have become a mainstay in baseball. But this year’s World Series contenders use them very differently.
Immigration and trade are now closely linked, at least in Mr. Trump’s mind. There lies part of the current caravan crisis. It is not just Trumpian electioneering.
The 11 people who died in the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh on Saturday included a dentist committed to volunteer work and a pair of brothers known for greeting worshipers.
Robert Bowers, the suspect in the deadly rampage at a synagogue, posted anti-Semitic slurs on social media but little else is known about him.
The social media site has become a haven for neo-Nazis, white nationalists and other extremists. It won’t change its policies, its founder says.
Here’s what you need to know about the week’s top stories.
Dinner doesn’t have to be a production. It can just taste like one.
The journalism industry wasn’t built to withstand the torrent of unsubstantiated claims coming from @realdonaldtrump and elsewhere, our columnist writes.
It’s always hard to know how major news events may affect an election. This time is no exception, with crosscurrents of grief, faith, fear and gun politics.
America’s public schools are still promoting devices with screens. The rich are banning screens from class altogether.
The man accused of the synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh seemed fixated on HIAS, the refugee organization that helped save my family.
The Pittsburgh massacre is only the latest, worst instance of rising anti-Semitism. Americans of conscience must now push back, writes the national director of the Anti-Defamation League.
Cannabidiol is being touted as a cure-all now available in bath bombs, dog treats and even pharmaceuticals. But maybe it’s just a fix for our anxious times.
New York is rich with ghost stories. Here are a few you may not have heard.
A tight-knit group of women in Oaxaca, Mexico, are rapping as a way to draw attention to issues like poverty and gender inequalities.